15 June 2007

Fashion friday

new shoes!!!!!

new skirts!!!!

While shopping the other day in Toronto i found some great stuff.....

a nice white skirt....

and this pretty green one with a cute belt and flowers...

these ballet shoes, fire engine red leather with multi-colored bands, they are ultra comfy and fit my long narrow foot perfectly (i have to try lots on to find the right fit)

these sandals were from the same line at Towne Shoes, black leather and the rainbow bands, and denim on the sides, they are also tres comfy!

On my list for other summer fashions are:
  1. a long flowing halter top dress, all the way down to the ankles, all the rage in London i've heard and starting to make an appearance here in NA.
  2. mary jane crocs in khaki green.
  3. white rimmed sunglasses with dark blue lenses that i saw in a magazine.
  4. shorts, not sure what style or length yet, nothing too too short! don't have the legs i once had, sigh.
  5. capri's. i saw a woman wearing dark blue ones with white mini pin stripes that were fab.

So, what's on your fashion must have list?


laurensmash said...

ooooh pretty colors!

n said...

Hi Pat, Emilie has the Mary Jane crocs, they are so cute! They look so comfortable.
My fashion must have list is:
denim capris,
some shorts because I only have one pair that I've had for 15 years now and they are way wayyyyy too short. C has the same ones!
I really love the beautiful skirts that you bought.

Tricia said...

lol Nat! Go do some shorts shopping pronto! I got some nice denim capri's at The Gap!
What color are Emilie's crocs?
Yes crocs are sooooo comfy, i love my pink crocs that i got last year, a little worse for wear now but i garden in them mostly.

Steph said...

Oooooh I love the red shoes!

I want a new skirt - below the knee and full, I think.

Vanessa V said...

Oh, major finds for you! How lovely indeed!!! And the shoes!!! I think I am going for the sickly girl (hehhe, not realy, but it is how I get to stay home) in prairie nightgowns, roaming the outdoors at dusk... xoxoxo

victoria winters said...

Oooh! Love the red shoes and the new skirts!

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Hi tricia :)

What nice summery colours and love the colour of your toes. Sure wish I hadn`t spent all my money on fabric and plants cause I could sure use some new summer things. That plant you were asking about with Elvis is a huge planter full of pink geraniums over at my Mum and Dad`s. It`s gordeous.


Anonymous said...

hi tricia! love the shoes- esp. the red ones! tres cute!

as far as managing working full-time and my etsy shop...i just started the job yesterday, so it seems like etsy's going to be taking the back burner for a little bit! i have a feeling i'm going to be too exhausted when i get home to even think about making anything! but, hopefully the weekends will be a good time to catch up on my shop a little!

i can't not be creative for two long!


risa said...

i loooooooooooooooooooove those red maryjanes. my summer fashion mostly consists of cute little dresses. i just bought a cute little linen shift i'm excited to rock. and i may try some of those high waisted shorts but am not sure...


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