08 February 2007

self-portrait thursday

me and Eddie- aww!

Over at Etsy on the forums they have self-portrait thursday so i took this today. I was hoping that i would have my spiffy new haircut but alas, while in the city yesterday and upon arriving at Aveda Academy, was informed that the my stylist had to go home for some emergency. Oh pooh! They did'nt have any other openings for the rest of the day, so they set up another appointment for next week and I'll be receiving a complimentary cut with a senior stylist. Yipee! I can live with that - I'll save the money to buy myself something purdy like a new spring-inspired shirt or accessory. Luckily, I was with my pal, Scotty and so we trapsed around the city checking out some fave haunts like Pottery Barn where we drooled over this bedding, while Scotty coveted this vintage-inspired fabric. Oh, to be able to afford bedding from PB! I later hiked over to H & M and the GAP on my own (i shop better alone) and picked out a beige and white striped sweater and gold chain belt on sale. I also purchased a dark pink burberryesque scarf at Ends for a song - perfect with my olive green cardigan that i was wearing and found some large heart-shaped silver key rings for my charming keychains. I was kicking myself for forgetting the camera as it would have been nice to take some pics for the blog, ah well, there's always next time..


n said...

you look so beautiful in this self portrait! Are you 20? 21?
You must tell me your secret!

Tricia said...

ah Nat - you are a sweetie pie!

CAROL said...

Ya Nat is right, you look 20 something for sure.
Oeddie is a sweete!
Pottery Barn has so many great things, it is one of my fav stores.
You lucked out with Aveda, getting a Senior stylist for nada LUCKY GIRL.

carol said...

Nice purchases too!

risa said...

you do look very young!
i too prefer to shop alone, at least when i am shopping for clothing. i always try things on like 10 times and then sit and debate whether i should buy an item for way too long to make anyone else suffer. :)

A Fanciful Twist said...

Hello!! Wow you have been out venturing also. First off, beware of the senior hairstylist. This thing happenned to me. Senior hairstylist, strange scissors, girl with always had long hair, hair flying into the air like Edward Scissorhands. He wanted a masterpiece, I wanted a trim. Just saying, not to scare youa t all, I mean how wonderful for them to give you an upgrade. Okay, 2ndly, your purchases are fab. You look lovely! Cute Cat too. I wish I could hug a cat like that. But, if I did, I might turn into a hive!!!!ha ha. So, again, love your purchases and loive the heart things. Belts on sale are fun! And, you will get PB bedding one day soon. I predict this. xxo Vanessa


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