22 February 2007

My featured Etsy designer is.....

........Garden Gate Designs.
I will be featuring fellow Etsyian artists/designers regularly, I thought one or two a week, since there are so many wonderfully creative people there.

Here are some examples of her beautiful jewelery...

Crackle Quartz Necklace

Be Mine chain necklace

DEW DROPS, Chalcedoney, Opalite Briolettes, Chain Necklace

Here is an interview with the lovely Rosemary of Garden Gate Designs:

Q. Where were you born? And live now?
I was born in Cleveland, Ohio. I live in what's known as the Nordonia Hills Area of Summit County, Ohio. Sagamore Hills to be exact. I have lived here all my married life - 38 years.

Q. What is your marital status?pets?children?
I have been married to the same wonderful man for almost 39 years. We have two married sons, Matt and Jeff. Two twin grandchildren, a boy and a girl and I have one cat, Rusty.

Q. How long have you been doing your designs?
I have been designing jewelery for almost seven years. It is an ever evolving thing.

Q. Why do you love your craft?
I love making beautiful jewelry for other women to enjoy. It is my creative side.

Q. What /Who are your inspirations?
I love anything nature-related. And, I love natural stones. No two are exactly alike and you can create so many great things with them. I also like vintage jewelery and am trying to incorporate more of that into my designs.

Q. What would you like to do 5 years from now?
Five years from now I will be older than I am now and that is not a good thought. I do hope to be somewhat successful on Etsy.

Q. What are your interests and other hobbies?
I am a reader, particularly murder mysteries, and I love art in any form, gardening (past president and founder of our local garden club), history, and current events.

Q. Would you rather shop for clothes/accessories/shoes or decorate and shop for your home?
Shopping for clothes is getting a little more exciting since I lost some weight this past year. I still would rather shop for my home. I am always looking at jewelery in the stores for creative ideas and to see whats "in".

Q. Do you love to listen to music while you work? What do you like to listen to?
I love 70's and 80's rock. I also listen to a lot of talk radio, it keeps me informed.

Q. What is your Chinese zodiac sign, eg. Year of…..?
I have no idea what my Chinese zodiac sign is. But, I am a true Sagittarius.

Q. Favorite foods/drinks?
I love seafood in any form, sweets (which I really limit now) and diet coke.

Q. dog or cat person?
A. I am definitely a cat person. They suit my personality. El Chubbo, or Rusty, is my main little man right now. He weighs 16 pounds! Quite a big boy! We have tried dieting to no avail. Just an ordinary orange short haired tabby who came to our door as a 6 month old stray on a wintry night 4 years ago. He is my fifth cat in succession. Love that boy!

Thank-you Rosemary for sharing your story! I will be featuring more Etsy Artists soon...

If you want to see more of Rosemary's amazing work, please have a look at her Etsy shop here.


Tricia said...

Rosemary, my cat Eddie is my fifth cat also, and he is getting very big too! I don't know how much he weighs now, but it must be close to what Rusty is.....
i have also tried to put him on a diet...it is difficult to lose, no kidding!
But even though he is 12 years old he is still pretty active.

n said...

Beautiful jewellery! And a cat person too!
I have the same problem with my cats too. My 12 year old cat is very fat and my 6 year old cat is ok but the vet said that she's gaining weight fast. Not easy to put them on a diet or make them do exercise!

c said...

dew drop necklace - very pretty!

Jessica Torrant said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jessica Torrant said...

Great interview and such beautiful jewelry. I LOVE Dew Drops... simply stunning!

Anonymous said...

so pretty!

Vanessa said...

I think this is a superb idea!!!! Superb! I love chalcedony! Cool clean-ness....Yum.

Paula Manning-Lewis said...

Great feature and lovely, wonderful jewelry! Thanks for sharing this!

risa said...

i love learning about new etsy designers! thank you for helping me sort through all of them!


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