05 February 2007

cold snap!

This is the second time I've written this darn post since my computer went out while i was finishing up the first draft. So here goes..

the sunroom is so cold, our bottled water froze solid..

killer icicles..
Speaking of draft, our 89 year old farmhouse is feelin' rather chilly lately, with this latest deep freeze of minus 27 with the windchill- Steve says the house is'nt properly insulated, so we are feeling the cold inside. We put weather stripping and caulking everywhere we could think of this past weekend...and we've been using the fireplace alot (we're fearing our next hydro bill) and I'm wearing two sweaters and tights under my cordoroy jeans. I'm sooo over winter..please hurry spring!

I hope this extra chilly weather will soon be over...


Carol said...

Oh man, ya this is a real Arctic blast we're getting.
Spring is on the horizon though, just 43 days away! Doesn't seem too long.

Drink lots of hot cocoa and tea.

stay warm

n said...

This cold is brutal! It's -10 right now! Keep looking at the beautiful flowers when I go grocery shopping and it makes me think of spring. I imagine it and cannot wait for it.
The only thing to do is keep warm and try not to go outside. I know that it's inevitable sometimes.

Anonymous said...

It's freezing here in new york too! but no snow...yet! I wouldn't mind a little..but just a little!


Carol said...

We don't have any snow here in Boston thank goodness, but a few years ago there was no snow the whole winter and then on April 1st there was a blizzard dumping somethuing like 32 inches, so quite a Mother Nature's April Fool's joke here, hope that doesn't happen this year.

Vanessa said...

I should not tell you this. But, maybe you can live vicariously through me? It was 80 degrees her yesterday. Arizona is so weird. It snowed two weeks ago and now it is warm. I had the most pleasant springish evening writing outside under the stars. You could come visit? If I annoyed you totally??? I am over winter too!!! Please unfreeze yourself!!!! PLease.

cally said...

I yearn for icicles ike this but modern weather is denying me the pleasure. Good to see you have them. Love the pic in later post of your cat looking out at the snow.


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