06 December 2006

Thrifty Thursday

my thrift store loot
So Scotty and I did'nt get around to our holiday baking. We wandered around downtown Whitby, first hitting the thrift store and finding a lot of cool stuff: I scored a few Christmas decorations, a vintage wind-up toy doggie whose tail goes round and round, a cute blue creamer , 3 home and country mags, red linen checked napkins, a cute little bird house that I want to paint 50's green and a beautiful antique silver-plated tray that needs a bit of tlc but once it's cleaned up I'll put a bunch of silver and red Christmas balls to make a nice display. (total $7.45) Scott snagged a pineapple ceramic knick knack that he is going to paint silver and try to make it look like he bought it at Bombay Co. and he also got some nice old greeting cards.
We then headed to the dollar store and got a bunch of Christmas balls, since I want to fill a big glass vase with various colored balls, very nice decoration for the house($3.45).
On the way home, stopped off at the florist shop and picked out a pretty red gerber daisy and the lady there gave me some pine, which I placed in the vase for a very nice display($3.45). So it was a fun and cheap shopping experience, we spent very little and avoided the crowded, hectic malls. I hope to do most of my holiday shopping outside of the malls, buying handmade and going to cute little boutiques instead. Tis the season to be jolly and stress free.
Scotty and me


n said...

I really love the stuff you bought at the thrift store. I especially love the flower. What a beautiful colour! That's a nice picture of you and Scotty!

Tricia said...

Thanks Nat :)


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