05 December 2006


Christmas cards

Scotty the bear

Here is some of my latest work, this teddy bear I created for my little nephew Callum (who is almost a year old on Dec.31) and a few of my cards. For the bear, which I named Scotty, since he has plaid arms and legs, I embroidered his facial features, adding a silly grin. I also appliqued the initial 'C' on his belly,and gave him a french knot for a belly button and a cheery red scarf to keep him from getting a chill (tee hee). It was a real sense of satisfaction making him and seeing the progress day to day, so I very much enjoyed doing this project. I hope little baby Callum loves him and they become good friends, I can just picture him sleeping with him or dragging him around the house.
Now, I'm off to work on some more cards and then later, my friend Scotty is coming over to make cutout sugar Christmas cookies.


Anonymous said...

Very cute bear and Christmas cards.


n said...

What a cute little bear! You are so talented!
Love the cards too!

leslie said...

oh i loooooooove scotty!!! i can just see him being dragged around by one arm with his goofy grin - so cute!


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