31 December 2006

the eve of a new year

A new year is fast approaching and I am thinking about my list of resolutions. I have made a list for many years now, and I try to keep it within realistic terms, nothing too wild or fanciful. The top of my list usually is health and fitness related, trying some new exercise regime or renewing an old one. I think last year my list included getting back into yoga, which sadly did not become a reality. I have'nt done any yoga for a few years and I can't seem to get back into for reasons unexplainable.
Lately, in the past few months, I have been using my handweights while watching tv and taking power walks 2 or 3 times per week. It seems like I have to really force myself to do both, instead of just naturally incorporating the habits into my daily routine. Why do I hate to exercise? In the past, I have had several gym memberships and I can't remember if I dutifully went or otherwise. My body is slowly losing tonality and it scares me a little. I hate to look at myself dressing in the mirror now and you would think those two things would send me running back to the exercise mat. But no, I guess I have sort of resigned myself to this feeling of 'Oh well .......ce sera sera'. Maybe as we age we give in and resign and say 'that's okay'. It's not the end of the world if we have a rounded tummy or cellulite on our thighs. It's okay if we don't look like a celebrity or supermodel.
On the other side of the coin, being physically fit is more about health and wellness and respect for the body. If we treat our bodies well, through eating and exercise, we can live longer, be healthier and hopefully ward off disease and disorder. That should be the real goal of exercise. Now if only I could follow this good advice, and stick to some mode of exercise in the next year. My list also includes giving up or decreasing some bad habits: less junk food, pepsi, coffee, chips, cookies. My delicious bad habits, of which I indulge much too frequently, should be occasional treats and not a part of my daily diet. That will be goal no. 2.
For the past 5 years the first two resolutions have always been the same.
I hope someday that I will not have to write them down on the list any longer and that they will become a part of my life, and not have to be enforced.


leslie said...

i hear ya, my resolutions include no bread, more salad, less carbs, smaller portions... i think it's safe to say that 95% of the female population is in the same boat right now. i fall into the "oh well, it's all a part of getting older" (and on a side note: cool that we have the same birthday, my fellow scorpio. i'm an oldie, born in 75...) train of thought as well but i also think that we should all make the most of our bodies while we're young and it's relatively easy to bounce back. i can see old age right around the corner and i'd hate to look back with regrets.

Tricia said...

More salad is do-able but no bread.... not possible! I looovvve bread, but only eat 12 grain or pumpernickel. Gotta have that good fibre. I cheated tonight and got a nice french loaf - perfect with my turkey soup.
Tomorrow we're going skating so I'm gonna exercise to make up for it. That's right, going to start off the New Year right with an afternoon of cardio.
Happy New Year, fellow scorpio! (I'm somewhat older).

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you!!!!!

I'd love to jump on the treadmill right this minute..............why don't I?????????

Oh ya, gotta chase the little one around, that's plenty of exercise!

I love bread too much too!
(and pastry and chocolate.......and so on)


Tricia said...

I sure wish I had a cute little one to chase.
Maybe this year!


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