25 October 2006

Pre-Hallowe'en fun stuff

This is my Jack O' Lantern last year, is'nt it kooky?
Is this not the cutest doggie costume ever? It made me giggle when I saw it.

Last year, we snapped this skeleton in a neighbours' lawn. What fun! Hope it was'nt some unfortunate relative of theirs. Tee hee hee!

I've been thinking about doing something to our house for Hallowe'en perhaps. This year I'll be able to hand out candy because last year I was at my apt. in Toronto, so it should be fun for me this year. We got some more candy today, so I hope we'll have enough, esp. leftovers for my sweet tooth. I have sometimes made caramel apples but I always use my pumpkin seeds from my Jack o' lantern. I love to eat them roasted with abit of olive oil and seasalt. I happily munch on them Hallowe'en night while watching a spooky movie or two, along with popcorn and some chocolate. It gives me an excuse to eat junky, yummy stuff on this night.
So, hopefully I'll dress up the house, I still have about a week to think of something creatively spooky or fun.
What are you doing this Hallowe'en?


tatjana said...

OMG that costume is hilarious! I love it. I took a peek at your bags, I really like Priscilla, the fabric is great! BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog, it's such a treat to see someone from home :)

n said...

It will be nice to have your first halloween in your new house! Those pictures are very funny! I would like to make a little angel costume for Emilie, I'd better hurry up. Alex cannot be anything else than a dinosaur, roarrrr!

Anonymous said...

That dog costume is very cute!
I have no idea (and only 5 days away) what to dress little C as for Halloween???? Any ideas?

Big C

Kooky pumpkin!

Anonymous said...

Going to carve our 4 pumpkins on Sunday and then roast up all those yummy seeds!

seed ya buzby!


Tricia said...

BC, How about a pumpkin costume for LC, I've seen costumes in stores for wee ones. He would be an adorable pumpkin, there's a little stem cap with it which is very cute.
We'll probably carve our Jack O lanterns on the 30th for Devil's Night. Whooooooooooooooooooooooo!

n said...

Little C would be really adorable in a pumpkin outfit. He's soooooo cute!

Tricia said...

Yah n, he certainly is a cutie pie!
Your little ones will be very cute in their angel and dinosaur costumes, send photos if you can.

Anonymous said...

(thanks P&N)
lil pumpkin as a pumpkin (or as B calls it "punkin"! (His silly accent! hee hee)

We have to look tomorrow, hope we can find something.

That's right, N's little cuties will be adorable!

Have a spooky one!


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