22 October 2008

Make me a halloween cake as fast as you can!

Does'nt this cake look wickedly delicious?? They used marzipan for the pumpkin stems and mini bundt cakes to make them!

Country Living is my favorite magazine of the time being, and seeing as it was a special issue with lots of Halloween stuff, I threw it in with the groceries and hoped Steve wouldn' t notice! Why do they tempt us with all their magazines near the cash!

I saw this cake photo and nearly fell off my chair. I knew this was the cake I needed to make! I hunted for my cake decorating equipment from a class I took 10 years previous, and went to work.
(Scary photo above......my messy disorganized kitchen drawer. Eeekkkkk!)

I quickly gathered all the ingredients, thankfully i had everything i needed, and got out all the pans and bowls, measuring spoons and cups and my trusty mixer. Luckily the microwave didn't over soften the butter!!

I got my sugars and butter mixed nicely, and then neatly broke all the eggs in the bowl, blending everything together with the dry ingredients.

My lovely smooth batter was ready for the floured and greased pans....
and into the oven they went, as Lulu watched and trembled with anticipation.

Time to make the fluffy orange buttercream, flavored with orange extract and Cointreau liqueur.

Just a few more drops of orange food coloring for some Halloween coloring. Not the orange I was hoping for, but still nice.

It has been over 5 years since I had a piping bag in my hands, but I was hoping my shells and stars would come back to me....sort of like riding a bicycle.

Okay, all ready to assemble. Luckily, the cake turned out quite nice and even.

I melted some dark chocolate and added some Cointreau for the ganache.
Time out for tea!! Earl Grey anyone?
I carefully poured the glossy ganache over top of the cake and spread it evenly, after adding some orange buttercream between the two layers.

I had some orange smartie candies to add to the Halloween theme, and some blue gel icing from a tube to spell out a scary message.

Hopefully, it scared away all the goblins and ghosts who might eat it all up!

I piped some stars in between the candies.....
and then piped shells at the base. Looks nothing like the recipe, but i find making it up as i go along a good thing!

Yay!!! It looks very Halloweeny and cute! I can't wait to eat some!Either can Lulu. She got to lick the bowl. I just can't resist those pleading brown eyes!

Lulu is quite thorough! The bowl was spotless after she was finished with it!

I wish I could give you all a slice!! Hope you are inspired to make your own Halloween cake!!

18 October 2008

hALLoWeeN par-tay!!

The Jack-o-lanterns are ready to be lit soon!

The light is fading fast!!

Helllllllloooooo! I'm Tricia, I mean Mortricia!! WELcome! Don't be frightened...This is just my little graveyard where i buried all my ex husbands.

Coommmmeee in and enjoy yourself! Ohhhhh, wonderful costume!!! I love that you are all dressed up for the party!

I'd love to have you for dinner....Mwuuuwhuaaahaaaa!

Oh, my hubby is just ddddyyyyyyying to meet you!!! Here he is! Honey, Meet our guests, and please stop eating all our bats!!!

Oh, where are my manners!!! Would you care for some treats???

I just made a batch of carmel apples, especially for you!

Have some chili pumpkin seeds.....

Help yourself to some candy too!

I made this cake for the party. Can I cut a slice for you?

You have to leave now, you say?? More parties to attend? Welllll, if you must!! But please come back again sooooooon!!

Thank you soooooo much for coming!!! Happy Halloween, my frisky little critters!!! Have fun and be safe.....from the vampires and werrrreeeeewoooooolvvessss! Awwwwhooo!!!

(I promise to try to visit all who posted here)

The Skeleton Dance

I am a wee bit late in attending the Halloween Party hosted by my ghoul friend, i mean good friend Vanessa at her blog 'A Fanciful Twist'. In the meantime....enjoy this Disney classic from 1929,( the birth year of my mother actually!) It's soooo cute and lots of spooky fun!! I particularly love the hound dog howl (1:02 sec into movie).

See ya later.....gotta go make my party treats....Carmel Apples and Cupcakes!!!

16 October 2008

hound dog, handbag and halloween party!

Life is great if your a hound dog. Nothing to do but beg for food, go for walks with your people, chew socks and underwear and lie around the house!

Isn't Lulu just the prettiest dog ever?! I think she has the sweetest face and disposition. It's so cute the way her front paws are stretched out like this! She is one regal beagle!!

She has a cute booty too!!! I photoshopped her heiny so no one would be offended.
Eddie is trying to get away from Lulu, who is always chasing him. Poor Kitty!

Lulu mugging for the camera.

'Yaaaaaaawwwwwwwn'. Time for another nap.

My latest bag!! Isn't it Halloweeny and Fallish! I didn't actually crochet the flowers, I bought them from an Etsy seller. I didn't exactly knit this bag either, It was a Goodwill find (an Old Navy bag). So it's not really my creation, except for the two flowers I added, plus I removed the Old Navy tag and added a Kooky tag. Please don't tell the Old Navy people!!

I thought the crocheted flowers against the black yarn bag looked marvy!

I can't decide if I should use this or sell it, so if nobody buys it soon from my shop, I guess I'll keep it.

Just a note, My friend Vanessa from:

'A Fanciful Twist'

is hosting her virtual Halloween party this Saturday!! (see poster in my sidebar) .
Lots of bloggers will be participating so don't forget to stop by and see my Halloween post and all the spooktacular fun!!!

07 October 2008

My Eddie

My poor Eddie has been feeling poorly lately. We took him to the vet, who found a kidney infection, and after more tests revealed that he has a rare condition called encephalitis. It is a syndrome that attacks the organs, lymph nodes, bone marrow and there is no cure. Some cats live only a few weeks or months and some live a year. He is on steroid treatment and a convalescent diet, which have helped with his symptoms.

As you can see Eddie loves this time of year best. He even has a maple leaf hat!

I love how the sunlight is framing his face in this photo.

Eddie spends a lot of time in the bathroom....he sits on a chair with a folded towel or in the window watching cat tv.

Eddie love to sit in the bathroom window and watch any activity in the garden...the squirrels and birds are his tv. His favorite soap opera is 'All My Birds'.

As Tyra Banks would say 'Your face is Fieeerecce'

He had just come home from being at the vet for a whole day and half....for intravenous fluids and antibiotics to treat his kidney infection. He has to go back for more tests next week. They gave him a pretty pink bandage where the IV was inserted. Poor Eddie.

Since he has lost so much weight (used to weigh 15 lbs and now down to 9 lbs) he can now fit in this tiny basket. He is so light now...I carry him around the house with me.

Eddie sure doesn't seem to be a sick kitty except for his weight loss, plus he is so fluffy you don't really notice just how thin he really is until you pet him. My little grey man is just a bag of bones now, but he sure is so handsome and exquisite as Steve calls him.

I'm praying and hoping he will make it to the new year. I wish he could stay with me forever! Eddie is the sweetest, gentlest, quietest kitty I have ever know. He is a dream cat!


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